Gorge Walking in the Celtic Rain Forest

GORGE WALKING – Make your way up a narrow, steep river gorge, fully kitted up in wetsuits, helmets and buoyancy aids. Loads of wet and rocky challenges lead you through ‘The Jacuzzi’, ‘Jurassic Gorge’ and ‘Pyrhana Pool’  to waterfall jumps……all just a warm up to the ultimate challenge, LOONIES LEAP!

Our Gorge Walking activity is ideal for families with younger children and our youth groups, with a path that runs along the river side for most of the way it makes popping in and out of the river easy peasy. The sessions are half days, so approximately 4 hrs in total- 3hrs actual activty time with 30mins either side for kitting up and de-kitting.

Unlike coasteering, which is tide dependant, we don’t have set start times for our river activities, so generally we are able to start at a time that’s convenient to you.

Situated in Glyneath, South Wales.

Approximate Travel times from; Cardiff- 50 mins      Swansea- 30 mins    Brecon- 30 mins    Camarthen- 60 mins………..IT’S WORTH THE DRIVE ! 🙂